Building wealth for the future

Creating a portfolio to stay the course

Investing isn’t rocket science; it’s simply a matter of a few habits repeated regularly over many years.

Investing success is not a question of chasing the next exciting fund or share. Actually, investing should be fairly unexciting, because slow and steady always wins the race.

We will help you to organise your finance optimally, crafting a portfolio which matches your tolerance for risk and stands the best chance of meeting your goals for your money.

And we’ll be ready to help you adjust your portfolio in light of changing circumstances as you go through life.

What about tax?

The two biggest drags on your wealth-building success are costs and tax. Our job as your advisers is to minimise both where possible.

Most ordinary people need to make sure they are making the best use of two primary tax wrappers – a pension and an ISA. In some cases, we may need to look to more esoteric investment vehicles to benefit from the tax advantages there.

We need to make sure that your financial arrangements are simple and effective, making your life easier in the process. We will work with you to set things up properly for you so that you can get on with living your life without worrying about complex financial arrangements.

How do you know if you’re on track?

We strongly believe that measuring investing success against some arbitrary benchmark is a waste of time. What really matters is whether or not you are on track to achieve your goals.

We will help you to articulate those goals and then prepare a plan to help you to meet them in the most efficient way possible – that’s financial planning in a nutshell.

And we’ll stay with you throughout the journey. It can be easy to get distracted as the years roll by, and end up nearing retirement having not done what you needed to do to retire well. We will act as coach and cheerleader, working with you to help you stay on track to meet those all-important goals.

“Having dithered for so long ourselves, because of being afraid of making the wrong decision it was a pleasure having you advise us of all our options and then setting things up in such a friendly, professional and quick manner.”
Tony & Rosemary Gosling