Getting Started

Building on a sure foundation

Have you ever stopped to think about what might happen if you can’t work? Your income is your single most valuable asset. A 21-year-old on a starting salary of £20,000 per year, and who only gets a 3% pay rise each year, will earn over £2million over the course of their working life.

If you are unable to work due to illness or accident, this can have catastrophic consequences for your financial future, and yet this problem is easily addressed with a simple insurance policy to replace most of your income if you can’t work.

Protecting your loved ones and their financial future

None of us likes to think about being taken from this world early, but it does happen, and it is important to think ahead about what the impact of this might be.

Do you have debts such as a mortgage? Do you have financial dependents? Do you have benefits paid by your employer in the event of your death?

Our job as your adviser is to help you put in place a foundation of protection so that you can build your financial future in the knowledge that if you die prematurely, your affairs – and your family – will be left in the best possible financial shape.

Investing for success

Most of us know we should put our money to work to build wealth for our future, but often we don’t know where to start. And for novice investors, the prospect of investment risk is a scary one.

But it doesn’t need to be, and as your trusted advisers, we will help to educate you about which risks you need to be wary of, and which you can sensibly ignore.

Investing is a very long-term challenge, but we believe that once your portfolio is set up correctly in the first place, it will require very little ongoing management because the magic is in being invested for the long term.

“Having dithered for so long ourselves, because of being afraid of making the wrong decision it was a pleasure having you advise us of all our options and then setting things up in such a friendly, professional and quick manner.”
Tony & Rosemary Gosling