Retiring Well

Making the great transition

Retiring as it used to be is fading into memory. These days, most people don’t work with the same company for 40 years and then just stop one day with a handshake and a carriage clock.

Most of us build up pension funds with multiple different companies and providers, as well as other pots of money amassed over the years. And now we need to decide what to do with each of them

Distilling all this into a cohesive plan which will provide the income you need for life is complicated, but we specialise in helping you navigate the myriad choices facing you at this crucial time in your financial life.

Investing for longevity

When you’re living off the money you have saved during your working life, it needs to outlast you, not the other way around. As such, investing in retirement is very different to investing for growth while you are working.

We will help you build a portfolio which stands the best chance of weathering market storms without impacting your ability to live well. This investing approach is based on research and study by the leading minds in the field, including Nobel Laureates.

As your spending patterns change throughout retirement, we will work with you to make sure your portfolio keeps up with the ever-changing legislative and taxation framework.

Multi-generational planning

For many of us, as we grow older, our attention turns towards providing for our families after we have gone, while making sure we have everything we need, especially if we should need care in later life.

We will work with you – and your family – to pass wealth down the generations efficiently. We are specialists in estate planning and using trusts to enable your wishes to be executed effectively, both here and now, and after you’ve passed away.

Knowing that your affairs are in order brings great peace of mind, allowing you to enjoy life to the full.

“Having dithered for so long ourselves, because of being afraid of making the wrong decision it was a pleasure having you advise us of all our options and then setting things up in such a friendly, professional and quick manner.”
Tony & Rosemary Gosling